CCS Sportsmanship Policy

The Board recognizes that individual school administrators retain primary responsibility for the conduct of all inter-scholastic athletic activities in which Section schools participate. Such responsibility includes the behavior of all participants: players, coaches, representative student groups and spectators.
The Board recognizes that each League within the Section, through the several League Boards of Managers, has undertaken leadership in the matter of upgrading the atmosphere in which all interscholastic athletic contests are conducted. The Board is appreciative and supportive of such leadership and programs initiated at the League level.

The member-schools of the CIF/Central Coast Section are committed to providing a sportsmanlike environment for students, coaches and spectators. To that end, the CIF/Central Coast Section has adopted the following sportsmanship and crowd control recommendations.
Each member-school is requested to commit itself to implementing these recommendations and completing the sportsmanship contract.

A person who can take a loss or defeat without complaint or victory without gloating, and who treats his/her opponents with fairness, courtesy and respect.

  1. The Principal and Athletic Director, or his/her designee, of each school shall complete and sign the current CCS Sportsmanship Contract and submit to the CCS office so that it is received by the CCS no later than September 15 of each school year.
    1. If the sportsmanship Contract for the current school year is received by the CCS after the September 15 deadline, but not later than October 15 of that same year, it must be accompanied with a check made out to the CIF/Central Coast Section for a $250 late fee.
    2. If either the Sportsmanship Contract or the late fee is not submitted on or before October 15, then the school shall forfeit all athletic contests played prior to or on October 15 in that school year in all sports and shall be unable to participate in any further contests until such time as the Contract and the check for $250 are received by the CCS office.
  2. The following are expected to be role models demonstrating sportsmanship at all times:
    1. Principal / Administrative staff; Faculty members;
    2. Athletic Directors; Booster club members; and
    3. Coaches, players and cheerleaders
    4. Band members and Band Directors.
  3. Coaches, players and spectators will respect the integrity and judgment of sports officials.
    1. No coach, player or spectator shall enter the playing area, or delay the normal continuation of play, of any contest to question an official’s decision without first employing the appropriate procedure for such action, as outlined in the pertinent National Federation Rule Book. If such procedure is not followed, the offender shall be considered to have exhibited “Unsportsmanlike Conduct,” and will therefore be subject to the appropriate portions of the aforesaid-mentioned Rule Book that address such conduct, which may include possible ejection from the contest and contest site.
  4. The conduct of coaches, players and cheerleaders generally sets the tone for CIF/CCS school contests. They will be expected to maintain the highest level of decorum at all CIF/CCS school contests.
    1. Players are expected to conduct themselves in a manner which shall bring credit to themselves, their schools, communities, coaches and families. They shall refrain from all conduct which tends to degrade, bait, intimidate and/or otherwise discredit their opponent, officials and/or inter-scholastic athletics.
    2. Coaches are expected to maintain decorum consistent with the educational values of interscholastic athletics. By personal example, coaches are expected to demonstrate their awareness of these values by showing restraint and composure in the emotional climate of an athletic contest and to insist that players in their charge conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner.
    3. Responsible member-school personnel are expected to instruct and supervise the conduct of student spirit-leaders, rooting sections, bands and other student groups in order to achieve an atmosphere consistent with good sportsmanship. School administrators are expected to control, or cause to be controlled, spectators in such a manner that all athletic contests are conducted in an atmosphere which is consistent with the educational values of inter-scholastic athletics.
  5. As an organization of educationally-based athletic programs and, therefore, an extension of the classroom, The following behavior is unacceptable at all CIF/CCS high school contests:
    1. Berating an opponent’s school or mascot;
    2. Berating opposing players;
    3. Obscene cheers or gestures;
    4. Negative signs;
    5. Artificial noise-makers;
    6. Complaining about officials’ calls (either verbally or by gestures);
    7. “Body-painting”thateitherwouldorwouldnotnecessitatetheremoval,orpartial removal, of what a reasonable person would consider to be normal clothing (this prohibition does not include “face-painting”).
    8. Removal, or partial removal, of what a reasonable person would consider to be normal clothing: The changing of clothes that exposes undergarments or bare skin, not appropriate to the sport, in the view of spectators and general public before, during, or after the contest is not acceptable. Exception: Any removal of clothing due to an injury incurred during the contest.
    9. In addition to any penalties that may be required by the governing rules of the sport, the following sanctions may be imposed:
      1. Violating person/school to submit a letter of apology to their opponent and their league and/or the CCS
      2. Requirement to submit an action plan to their league and/or the CCS on how the violation can be avoided in the future
      3. Sport teams and/or schools may be subject to the CCS Infractions Policy as determined by the League Commissioner and/or the CCS Commissioner.
  6. At any CCS Playoff Event, Charging the “Field of Play” by spectators, or other unauthorized persons, during or after the contest is an unacceptable behavior and will not be tolerated. This unsportsmanlike act carries the following possible penalties because we insist that:
    1. safety of the competitors, fans and personnel conducting the event is a priority at all our events;
    2. respect for the game and the championship playoffs is part of our pursuing victory with honor sportsmanship program and the behavior of all involved at our events should reflect that respect;
    3. the focus of our events should be primarily on the participants in the competition and not on the crowd.out of respect for the competitors and their efforts.
    4. Therefore. The following sanctions may be imposed for such a violation:
      1. Only do award presentation for non violating team and other team can make arrangements with the CCS office
      2. Violating team apology letters to other school and CCS
      3. Formulate plan of how to communicate to their fans and students the inappropriateness of this and share with league and CCS
      4. Loss of home field advantage for that sport
      5. Loss of home field advantage for all sports
      6. Specific sport team put on probation
      7. All sports teams put on probation
      8. Specific sport team not allowed to participate in CCS Playoffs
      9. All sports teams not allowed to participate in CCS Playoffs.
  7. In order that all persons may experience maximum enjoyment at CCS athletic events, and to enhance and encourage good public order, it is the policy of the CCS that all persons wishing to audibly cheer or support a particular team be seated in an area designated for, or most closely identified with, the team in question. Seating of persons audibly cheering for a particular team in the cheering section, or areas most closely identified with the opposing team, is to be avoided whenever possible, and such persons shall be directed by staff to the appropriate seating location for their team.
  8. The following action plans are recommended for implementation at all CIF/CCS school contests:
    1. A script should be provided to the announcer, including a welcoming statement; sportsmanship expectations; acknowledgment & introduction of game officials; introduction of players; sportsmanship recognition (when appropriate).
    2. Inclusion of the “CIF Six Pillars of Character” and/or the “CIF16 Operating Principles” of Pursuing Victory with Honor in the game programs.
    3. Each participating school’s administration is expected to emphasize sportsmanlike behavior at all CIF/CCS school contests:
      1. This shall be directed to coaches, players, cheerleaders and spectators on the day(s) prior to the contest.
      2. Rallies, team meetings, faculty meetings and spirit club meetings, school bulletins and P.A. announcements are all appropriate venues.
      3. Contact the principal or administrator-in-charge of the opponent’s school at least one (1) day prior to contests, as appropriate, to promote practical applications of sportsmanship, and to ensure the proper environment for the contest.
    4. It is the responsibility of the administration of each participating school to designate an administrative representative who will:
      1. Check in with the site manager 30 minutes prior to the game time and establish where he/she will be throughout the contest;
      2. Enforce the highest standards of sportsmanship within his/her own student body;
      3. Contact the administrative representative of the opponent’s school to report any violations of sportsmanship by either school’s supporters.
  9. Flagrant instances of unsportsmanlike behavior on the part of players, coaches and/or fans should be reported by the school principal(s) to the Board of Managers, through the Section Commissioner, together with a description of action taken by member-schools.

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