Coed Junior Varsity Cross Country, Coed Varsity Cross Country · Cross Country Updates and Info!

With so many limits to gatherings, and with our school and athletics being mostly shut down, it is hard for student-athletes to know exactly how to join the Monta Vista Cross Country team.   We all want to know how to prepare for the 2020 season.  This post will answer many of your questions!


And you do want to join this team!  The cross country team is one of Monta Vista’s most successful teams over the last decade.  In this time, our teams have:

  • Won two CCS championships and 12 league championships.
  • Both boys and girls have qualified for the CCS championship finals for nine consecutive years.
  • Had 26 athletes go on to compete for college teams.


Cross country is very compatible with social distancing, and we are hopeful that this will be one of the first sports to be restarted.  If you want to compete and not just train, maybe this is the time for soccer players, basketball players, field hockey players and others to try out cross country.


Cross country is not only for dedicated distance runners; we welcome dedicated athletes of all disciplines.  In the past, soccer players, basketball players, wrestlers, sprinters and swimmers have all joined cross country to get in shape for their sports.  After a season of cross country, athletes go back to their sports with improved endurance—basketball players are just as fast in the fourth quarter as they are in the first, and soccer players cover more of the field than ever before.  And often these athletes end up making the cross country varsity teams and appearing in the CCS championships for XC!   Competitors just want to compete, am I right?


Freshmen, there is information for you too.  We want you to join us!


Here is the information you want.


Summer Training:  MVXC has filed plans with FUHSD and the county so that groups of 12 student-athletes may train together with a coach.  The next session starts on July 13.  These sessions are open to experienced runners and to brand new runners; this is easy training and running to prepare us for the Fall.  Anyone can join!   Freshman, find a friend and join the training together.  This is a fun way to get fit and healthy, ready for the Fall season, and also meet some upperclassmen who can help answser your questions about high school before the school year starts.  Information and a link to the application form is below.  Parents, if you would like to hear from Coach Flatow about the program before your child begins, feel free to email him at coachflatow@gmail.com


Talk to Our Athletes and Captains:  MVXC has returning team captains from both cross and track:  Sylvana Northrup, Vivian Cheng, Rohun Agrawal, Pranav Reddy, Elisabeth Hsu, Upasana Dilip, and others who will help you get connected on social media and answer your questions about XC (and high school, and life!).  If you know these kids, reach out directly, or email Coach Flatow and he will connect you


Weekly Zoom Meetings:  Ever since the school and high school athletics has been shut down, the team has had weekly Zoom meetings at 2:30pm on Fridays.  This is a nice way to see the faces of people you would usually run with five or six days per week!  Even if you are brand new to the team, this is a nice way to get a feel for our team.


Running On Your Own?:  There are always training suggestions at


Getting Registered for the Fall Season:  Here is the link to the procedures that the school requires before you start Fall training with the cross country team.